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Icicles and Ice Dams Are No Match for a Heated Gutter Guard

Media Source: Have you ever seen a home during winter with fresh fallen snow all around it, majestic frozen icicles hanging from the edges with snow covering the roof and thought “wow, what a beautiful winter home?” Well chances are if you’re seeing icicles, there is a much bigger issue going on behind the scenes. […]

Green Gutters

A Rocklin inventor is helping solve an age-old problem: icicles. Those dangerous spikes of ice hanging and dropping from eaves in the Sierra Nevada winters are no match for Robert Lenney’s invention, the Gutterglove Ice Melting Heated Panels. This green product uses a single heat cable built into a gutter guard, which radiates heat and […]

Prepare for Snow with Gutter Guards

Protect yourself from deadly icicles. Prepare for Snow with Gutter Guards Winter is always a rough time for homeowners, but with gutter guards it doesn’t have to be! One of the best things you can do to protect yourself from another bad winter is to install gutter guards on your home. But how do gutter […]

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