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Consumer Reports


Gutter Guard Review – Gutterglove Pro – Rated #1 by Consumer Reports! 

“We tested professionally installed and do-it-yourself products sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other major retailers to see how well they kept out maple leaves, pine needles, and other gutter-cloggers. We also simulated heavy showers and rain-dumping storms to make sure those systems help capture water so that it flows toward downspouts and away from your home’s foundation, rather than pooling there and seeping into the basement.

Our testers saw some big differences among types. We also found that some of those systems could leave you with clogged gutters, cascading rainwater, or both. Here are our results:” – Consumer Reports 2010 Report

Gutterglove™ Pro – Rated #1! 

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Angie’s List Reviews


It was an Angie’s List Big Deal that I purchased. It was great and I have no complaints. I didn’t have to be there. They cleaned up really nice. My daughter was at the house and they didn’t pester her and she didn’t hear anything. I called to ask how they did and she said they did great and they cleaned up and it was wonderful. They came a couple of days after I called them. My husband checked later and said that they did a good job. There were no additional charges. It was a 2-story so expected to have to pay more.

We found Gutterglove at a local home show along with five other gutter cover companies. We had 3 come out to look at our home,we found it odd that all but the Gutterglove guys talked down about each other. One of the companies said Gutterglove would cancel out our roof warranty ,we talked to roofing company and they said that is not true. They other said that Gutterglove had stolen there idea and they had a lawsuit going. We also looked into that ,again untrue. Wow we only wanted to keep leafs out of our gutters. Gutterglove never said a word about the other guys and showed us how Gutterglove worked and gave us plenty time to make up our minds .Its been on our home for two years now and it works great .Thanks

Thor – Chicago, IL

Good experience all the way through. We have many mature trees on our property and no longer wanted the cost and hassle of cleaning the second story gutters. Did extensive research on the web including Consumer Reports and Gutter Glove seemed to be the best out there. The sales person was on time and thorough. Explained all the options and did not try to up-sell me or use any hard sell techniques. The crew was polite, professional, showed up on time, and did the work exactly as laid out in the contract including cleaning out the gutters and ensuring the pitch was adequate. The whole job was done in a little over an hour. The quality of the job and product is excellent. We just had our first big rainfall and there was no sheeting of water, no debris in the gutters and everything seems to be working as described. I felt the price was fair compared to other professionally installed systems.

Dan – Fox Point, WI