About Us

Gutterglove gutter guard inventor Robert Lenney had cleaned millions of feet of rain gutters during his career, but grew increasingly disappointed in the poor performance of the typical gutter guards available in the industry. So, the entrepreneurial Lenney decided to improve upon existing gutter guard technology by creating a significantly better system that proved to be tremendously durable and would outlast and outperform all competitors by a wide margin.


Today, his patented design for Gutterglove gutter guard is so advanced and efficient that it blows away the competition.

To prove this point, Lenney produced a 30-minute, informational television show that has been honored with numerous awards for its high-quality visual effects. The TV show, which is available on DVD, is the best way to demonstrate how and why Gutterglove is so effective in keeping leaves, pine needles and other debris out of the rain gutter. It’s an excellent tool for Gutterglove dealers and contractors to use to promote the system to homeowners, so they too will join the thousands of others across the nation and internationally who are benefiting from Gutterglove’s incredible technology.

Gutterglove gutter guard has been impressing experts every step of the way, and has been recognized for two straight years by Consumer Reports as the No. 1 gutter guard on the market. The U.S. military is so impressed by the strength and durability of Gutterglove gutter guard that it was selected to be a key component in the military’s green building renovations on government-owned properties nationwide.

How It Works

  1. Fine stainless steel mesh filters out leaves, pine needles, seed pods and roof sand grit.
  2. Gutterglove installs on a variety of roof types.
  3. Anodized aluminum frame supports the mesh and channels rainwater to the gutter.
  4. Gutterglove installs on your existing gutters.